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sponsor an art activity

We are looking for organizations, businesses or individuals to sponsor and set up a booth or table for a free art activity at this years Wretched Mess Fest.  


Organizations, businesses, or individuals are invited to set up a free art activity booth or table. You are welcome to have brochures and other advertising for your group.

Sales are not permitted and you must provide your own table and tent.


Provides an art activity suitable for all ages. Come up with your own ideas or contact us, we can help you come up with one. 


Saturday, September 7th, 2024. 



Union Pacific Dining Lodge Lawn, 220 Yellowstone Ave, West Yellowstone, Montana

Terms & conditions


This is a family event and all sponsors are expect to pick activities that reflect this atmosphere. Activities that do no meet this standard will have to be removed immediately by the sponsor. 

Insurance & Liability

Sponsors participate entirely at thier own risk and accept responsibility for stolen or damaged items. Activity sponsors agree to release the West Yellowstone Foundation and Wretched Mess Fest organizers from all liability or damage to person or property and to indemnify and hold harmless the WYF and WMF for all claims, lawsuits, or judgements that may come about as a result participating as an art activity sponsor. This indemnification also includes costs for legal representation and other expenses incurred by the WYF or WMF in connection with any action or defense.


Art activity sponsors must abide by any applicable fire and venue regulations.

Any sponsor not in compliance with the guidelines and regulations will be asked to leave the festival immediately.

Sponsors agree to contact the Wretched Mess Fest organizers before August 30th if they need to cancel thier activity. 

No sales of any kind are permitted at the art activity booths/tables but you are welcome to promote your organization.

Sponsors are responsible to supply all materials needed for the activity and their own table and tent. 

For more information or questions:

Sponsor an activity!

Fill out and submit the form below to sponsor an art activity at the 2024 Wretched Mess Fest!

You may pick one of our suggested art activities or come up with your own. 

Art Activity
What size booth space will you need, choose one:

Thanks for sponsoring an activity!

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