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The West Yellowstone Scholarship Program was created by Arne and Steffi Siegel in 2004 to provide scholarships for qualifying students who have attended and completed at least their Junior and Senior years at the West Yellowstone Public School #69.  These recipients must be enrolled in a post high school accredited program for which they will be awarded the scholarship each year.

This scholarship is worth up to $20,000.  Typically, we award $5,000 awarded annually for up to 4 years.  Once accepted into our program, students can defer their awards for up to two years for any reason.

New College Student Requirements:

  • Attended Junior & Senior years at the West Yellowstone Public School #69

  • Graduate of the West Yellowstone Public School #69

  • Enrolled in a 2, 4 or 5 year post high school accredited program (trade, technical, vocational, Associates or Bachelor's degree programs)

  • High School GPA 2.5-3.0

  • Serve 40 hours of documented community service during high school (prior to applying) 

Take a moment to read what some of our scholarship recipients have to say about the West Yellowstone Foundation!

The West Yellowstone Foundation will always hold a special place in my heart for all that it did for the community I grew up in and specifically for me. I will forever be grateful for your scholarship program because the whole purpose of it is to give and to allow the students or West Yellowstone to grow and be their best selves. No arduous essays or competition, it honestly just always felt like a gift. I honestly want to thank all the current and future donors for their generosity because this scholarship meant the world to me. I know that it will continue to allow kids from West Yellowstone to make the world a better place.


Kyla Binfet

WYS, Class of 2014

Trine University, Class of 2017

One thing that I cherish most from the foundation was getting the chance to know Arne and Steffi Siegel. The Siegel's are the definition of hard workers, supportive community members, and all-around amazing people. After graduating high school and I would come home for visits I would always look forward to seeing Arne and getting to talk to someone you know genuinely cares about how you are doing academically and personally! The West Yellowstone Foundation gives you the aid and support you need to accomplish anything you can set your mind to!


Madison Turner

WYS, Class of 2015

The Financial support from the Foundation allowed me to focus on academics and volunteer work during the school year. By not worrying about financial needs during the school year I was able to earn my bachelor’s degree and graduated with honors. I also volunteered in the Missoula community, by helping with an afterschool program and volunteering 12 hours a week in a gym that served medically complex patients. I was able to give back to the Missoula Community. Due to the financial support from the foundation, I was able to complete my undergraduate education with no student loans.


Tristen Burden

WYS, Class of 2015

University of Montana, Class of 2018

Even with the scholarship, college was still very expensive, but the funds gave me some “breathing room” to try new classes and activities. I changed my major from English to Economics after taking an Econ class and finding out I loved it. I was able to travel with my school’s Model United Nations team to compete in conferences in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Seattle, something I certainly would not have had the budget for otherwise. Not only were these experiences fun and educational, but they were also important pieces of professional development I could point to as I interviewed for internships and other positions after college. I think a lot of high school students, college can seem impossibly far away financially, and having that support from the West Yellowstone Foundation can at least plant a seed for them of how it might be achievable.


Sarah Rawlins

WYS, Class of 2012

MSU, Class of 2016

The West Yellowstone Foundation gives an amazing gift to the graduates and allows them additional assistance in furthering their education. Going into college, I had no idea how expensive it really was and then having to purchase books and supplies on top of it was outrageous.


Shreena Hollaway

WYS, Class of 2015

Independence University, Class of 2018

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