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Little Rangers Early Learning Center is Awarded a Grant!

We are excited to announce one of our recipients of our latest quarterly Community Grants! We are proud to support Little Rangers Learning Center with their Nourished Bodies, Nourished Minds program.

The Little Rangers Learning Center's purpose is to provide a safe and caring environment for children away from home. Along with this, they aim to provide their students with foundations in education that will prepare them to enter into the public (or private) school system seamlessly. As well, they provide affordable day care so that parents can afford to work in our community.

Nourished Bodies, Nourished Minds is an initiative to provide their students with a nutritionally balanced breakfast and mid-afternoon snack every day, five days a week. They are following government nutritional guidelines, as well as that of the STARS program through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services. The STARS program is a voluntary continuous quality improvement program for early childhood education in Montana and allows early childhood learning centers to achieve certain levels based on the fulfillment of certain requirements. They would like to achieve Level 2 this year, and in order to do that, they must follow their nutrition and dietary guidelines. Therefore, providing their students with a nutritious breakfast and snack is not only an attempt to care for the needs of their students, but is also an opportunity to improve the quality of care they can provide recognized by the State of Montana.

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