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CWO CommUNITY West Outreach is Awarded a WYF Grant!

We are excited to announce one of the recipients of our latest quarterly Community Grants! We are proud to support CWO (CommUNITY West Outreach) with their Tall Cop Says Stop program.

CWO in a nonprofit that was formed in 2009 to fill in gaps in our community's basic needs services. They are dedicated to "Promoting & filling basic needs services for all residents".

Tall Cop Says Stop is a program for the teachers at the West Yellowstone school to provide tools to reduce, prevent or stop drug and alcohol abuse in our Community.

With over 650,000 people trained in over 1,200 organizations, Tall Cop Jermaine Galloway empowers communities to combat substance abuse by providing the tools, resources and trainings to those who are working with youth. You can't stop what you don't know.

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