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Disaster Relief

Montana wildfires have displaced thousands and destroyed beloved homes and businesses. The XXXXX Fires have combined are now racing to be largest standalone fire in state history and has decimated small Montana towns. All donations to this fund will support wildfire relief efforts in Montana. Your donation will go to West Yellowstone Foundation, a nonprofit providing to people in need. This fund will remain open through fire season and beyond to support the most impacted communities.

Montanans now battle wildfires on an ongoing basis. The XXXXX fires gutted dozens of homes and businesses in Southwest Montana. Firefighters have been battling blazes across the state since XXXXX. People from rural communities have less access to support, which means they also tend to bear the brunt of the long-term impact. Local nonprofits also tend to be overlooked and underfunded.

All donations to this fund will support wildfire relief efforts in the West Yellowstone Area. Initially, the fund helps meet survivors' immediate needs for shelter. As needs emerge, we will support longer-term recovery efforts. 

How Your Donation Will Be Used
When you donate to West Yellowstone Foundation's Disaster Relief Fund, your donation will be used to:
·      Provide emergency shelter for displaced families.
·      Meet other needs that emerge.


  1. Park & Madison Counties- Park County Community Foundation/ Greater Gallatin United Way’s SW Montana Flood Relief Fund: SW Montana Flood Relief Fund : Flood Response : Programs & Impact : Park County Community Foundation ( donate online or text Flood22 to 41444

  2. Carbon County- Red Lodge Area Community Foundation:  Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund - The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation (

  3. Gardiner Food Pantry / Livingston Food Resource Center, donations should specify "Flood Disaster" Home : Livingston Food Resource Center (

  4. Stafford Animal Shelter in Livingston, MT  Donate or Make Payment – Stafford Animal Shelter 


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