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The Mission of the West Yellowstone Foundation is to strengthen the sense of community and to enhance the economic vitality in West Yellowstone and Hebgen Lake Basin, Montana.

West Yellowstone Community Foundation Established in 1992 by 

Steffi & Arne Siegel


West Yellowstone Foundation is a result of a visionary dream, hard work and the dedication of its Founders. There is no greater call than that to be of service of others. Join us as we serve our community!

The Foundation was formed as the first affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation. We are now joined by a collective of community affiliates, dedicated board members whose goal is being advocates for our children, elders, cultural heritage, natural environment, our economic vitality and for the great many visitors we welcome from around the world each year.  The charitable contributions made to the West Yellowstone Foundation have grown into endowments, scholarships, gifts, bequests and grants that serve our non-profits, our students, historic preservation efforts, artists, families, and endowments that serve us all.


Our community is unique because of its gateway to the world’s first National Park. Yellowstone National Park is a global destination known for its spectacular nature, fly fishing and geothermal features, including the largest super-volcano on the continent. Yellowstone National Park draws visitors from all over the world to our doorstep while our high elevation, deep snow and remote Montana niche keep necessary resources at arm’s length.


Join us in forming partnerships and allocation resources to set the stage for a better tomorrow. Unite with us in preserving and enhancing what we all love about our West Yellowstone region for generations to come.


Important Dates in 2024


January 1                  Community Grant Applications Due 

January 29               Reimagining Rural

January 30               TOWY Board Training

January 31                Board Meeting

February 12              Reimagining Rural

February 26             Reimagining Rural

April 1                        Community Grant Applications Due

April 1                        First Time Student Scholarship Applications Due

April 29                     Board Meeting

June 1                       Returning Student Scholarship Applications Due

July 1                         Community Grant Applications Due                    

July 29                      Board Meeting

September 6-7       Wretched Mess Fest | Arts + Fly Fishing + History

September 14         32nd Annual Happening Fundraiser. Dinner and Auction                                                            

October 1                 Community Grant Applications Due

October 24              Board Meeting



“Remember-take a little, leave a little and we'll all have some."

Arne Siegel (1932-2017)

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